About three years ago, my father-in-law William (Bill) Demoskoff, born and raised Doukhobor, decided to downsize the contents of his small seniors’ apartment. Among the things he gave to his son Michael and I were four photograph albums.

There were many family photos in those albums, some of which had names and dates written on the back or typed on pieces of paper attached to the front of the picture.

Unfortunately, many photos (about two-thirds of them) didn’t have any information as to who the individuals were. If they had names, we didn't know how or even if they were related to the Demoskoff family.

Michael and I tried to identify these “orphan” photos, but we haven’t had much success. Bill, who is now 99 years old, doesn’t see like he used to, so he can’t help us.

For this reason, I created this blog of vintage photos of Doukhobor men, women and children in case someone can help identify them.

Copyright (c) 2013, Yvonne Demoskoff.

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